Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Teachers encouraged to participate in the National Teaching Awards

The Department of Basic Education is calling on all teachers in the sector to participate in the National Teaching Awards happening later this year.


The awards were established in 2000 to recognise, celebrate and acknowledge the strides made by teachers to ensure that learners are supported in order to progress from grade to grade.


The competition is open to all teachers in the public schooling sector registered in terms of the South African Schools Act.


The NTAs are aimed at motivating teachers to continue the selfless endeavours they make for the benefit of the country.


“The work of teachers have now been further complicated by the emergence of the coronavirus which has disrupted the schooling sector in a manner never seen before,” the Department of Basic Education said in a statement.


As a result of the extraordinary efforts made by teachers under extreme conditions the department has introduced new awards to pay homage to individuals who have demonstrated commitment, dedication, and sacrifice during crisis situations.


To this end new categories have been added and they are the National Best Teacher Award, S/Hero Award and Learner Award.


Other categories are Lifetime Achievement Award, National Learner Award, Excellence in Maths teaching, Grade R teaching, Special Needs, Primary school teaching and Secondary School teaching etc.


The closing date for entries is 31 July 2021.


The awards will be conducted during a period when the country is confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic and the department intends to conduct activities in adherence to the Covid-19 protocols.


For more information, visit National Teaching Awards.