Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Material required:


Press optimised pdf file saved as CMYK, centred with bleed. Please note that if incorrect material is supplied, production costs for corrections will be charged.

A full art production service, at a reasonable rate, is available to clients requiring advertising material.

Material requirements:


All advertisements must confirm to the sizes specified.

Resolution: 72dpi. Saved as /png/jpeg/gif.

Feature List

Terms and Conditions:


1. No cancellation of bookings shall be accepted after the booking deadline.
2. The proprietors and publishers shall not be liable for any loss incurred by the failure of an advertisement to appear on a special date.
3. The publisher shall not be liable for any error in the published or inserted advertising material, except in circumstances where the client can prove that such error is due solely to the negligence of the publisher.
4. The maximum remedy of the client for an error shall be the placement of the advertising material in a subsequent issue of the publication, at no cost to the client.
5. It is the client’s responsibility to supply material that has been checked and approved by the material deadline. If material is not forthcoming, the publishers have the right to make up material for the space booked. The cost of making up the material will be debited to the client.
6. All copy for advertisements is subject to approval by the publisher who reserves the right to decline or cancel any advertisement or series of advertisements.
7. All advertising and production charges are subject to VAT. Reproduction costs are additional and subject to VAT.
8. Payment is due on 30 days net.