Thursday, July 18, 2024

The trusted name for quality, high-performance abrasives, offers the metalworking industry integrated solutions for surface preparation, material cutting as well as finishing.

By drawing on the more than 200 years’ expertise and experience of its parent company in Germany as well as its own since its establishment in 1968, PFERD-South Africa can offer users in Sub-Sahara Africa a full-circle-service in the form of tailored solutions specific to each customer’s requirements.

The tool drives, consumables, operating procedures and the necessary skills all form part of the holistic approach to ensure each user gets the maximum benefit and achieve optimum cost-effectiveness.

“PFERD offers a broad range of tool drives and abrasive consumables—from cutting and grinding, to milling, deburring, filing, brushing, polishing, cleaning and creating defined surfaces—combine this with the wide range of materials, applications and product offerings within the industry, and it can result in quite a difficult and time-consuming decision-making process.

Therefore, we have a free-of-charge application assessment service where our Application Specialists go out to customer sites and assess their applications and requirements. This way we can provide guidance on the optimum product and machine combination to ensure the user has the ideal and most cost-effective solution”, explains Dennis Phillips, PFERD-SA National Sales Manager.

The Complete Package

Getting to Know the Customer

Understanding the customer and their business is key to ensure the most suitable product and tool drive combination is recommended, as this will result in the ideal solution for the customer.

Assessing and Understanding their Application

An application assessment is ideally conducted at a customer’s premises because they are familiar with the working environment, their existing equipment is used, and it is conducted with the operator(s) who does the work daily. Alternatively, if the customer prefers, their application can be replicated to a certain extent at PFERD’s Training Academy.

“The initial process entails the Application Specialist observing the current process and application to gain a better understanding of the project or application, explains Phillips. They ask specific questions to reveal the challenges faced by the operators and the result they would ideally like to achieve”.

Recommendations and trials

Once sufficient information is gathered, the Application Specialist will recommend products and tool drives that will achieve the end goal of streamlining and improving the customer’s operations. Products will be recommended and samples provided for on-site evaluations and in-production trials to ensure customer satisfaction.

“PFERD aims to help improve a customer’s economic efficiency and increase their productivity through the safe and optimum use of available resources”, states Phillips.

Deliver a Solution and Provide Additional Support

After the approval and acceptance of the recommendation, PFERD will provide the operator(s) with comprehensive training to assist with the successful onboarding of the solution or proposal.

“PFERD-SA maintains a high stock availability rate to ensure we are able to provide the required products as and when needed without delay”, says Phillips.