Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Property Trends Outlook for 2024: Building on the Momentum of Women in Real Estate

In the wake of the transformative property landscape in South Africa, Rainmaker Marketing reflects on the monumental strides made over the past year, propelled by the significant role women have played in reshaping the industry. As we step into 2024, the momentum gained in 2023, with women emerging as the primary driving force in property ownership, is expected to continue reshaping the real estate sector.

Kim Pfaff-Karg

Kim Pfaff-Karg

Continued Rise of Women in Property Ownership

The latest data from Lightstone continues to underscore the trend, revealing that women have solidified their dominance, constituting an impressive 60% of new property buyers in South Africa. The trajectory, evident from the substantial growth in women-only property purchases, rising from 18% in 2016 to 22% in 2022, demonstrates the escalating influence and financial independence of women in the real estate sector. Building on this trend, Rainmaker Marketing anticipates a continuation of empowering events and initiatives focused on women in property.


2023 Reflection: A Catalyst for Future Trends

The thought-provoking webinar hosted by Rainmaker Marketing during Women’s Month in 2023, titled “Women in Property,” served as a catalyst for discussions on the evolving landscape of women in property ownership and the broader real estate sector. The valuable insights shared by the distinguished panelists were well-received, emphasising the changing dynamics of female property ownership behavior and the empowerment of modern women in the property market.


Expert Advice for 2024: Key Insights from Leading Women in Real Estate

“Modern women are leading the market, and there’s an exciting new trend of empowered, decisive women within property ownership.” – Pamela Naidu, Director of Sales and Marketing at Devmco Realty

“Knowing when the best time in your asset’s lifecycle to consider disposing of the asset is key to successful property management.” – Kim Pfaff-Karg, Chief Investment Officer at Spear REIT

“Start now. Collaboration and networking are the cornerstones to a successful project.” – Sumenthree Moodley, Investor Relations Executive at Liberty Two Degrees

“Collaboration and networking allow you to achieve far more than on your own. There’s always a friendly face out there to help you achieve your goal.” – Kgaogelo Mamobolo, representing Emerging African Property Holdings

“Innovation involves holding onto that bigger picture vision and taking small steps each day to work towards it.”– Marianka Victor, CEO and Founder of Ancora Retail

Stefan Botha

Kim Pfaff-Karg

Looking Ahead to 2024 and Beyond

Rainmaker Marketing remains committed to championing inclusivity and celebrating the leadership of women in the property sector. As pioneers in the industry, the company is dedicated to staying ahead of property trends and shaping the future by embracing diversity and innovation. The anticipation is high for what 2024 and the next five years will bring, as the industry continues to witness the upliftment and growth of women within the property sector.

To stay updated on the evolving landscape of property ownership, Rainmaker Marketing invites you to watch the full webinar here