Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Peter Damhuis has been appointed Vice President of RIB CCS. With more than 25 years of industry related experience under his belt, his appointment brings continuity, deep industry knowledge and passion for the construction industry to the role.

Damhuis replaces CEO, Andrew Skudder, who has taken on a new role in the broader RIB organisation, as the RIB Group Chief Revenue Officer.

A qualified quantity surveyor and estimator, Damhuis spent many years at the construction coalface before being appointed commercial director of the buildings division at Murray & Roberts in 2008, a position he held until 2015 when he joined CCS SA (which later became RIB CCS) as business analyst.

Peter Damhuis

Peter Damhuis

Damhuis says when Skudder was appointed CEO of CCS SA in 2016, it was to help the business transition from a family-owned entrepreneurial operation to a corporate player. “He also oversaw the acquisition of CCS SA by software multinational, RIB Software SE, and its subsequent rebranding as RIB CCS.

“My role is to ensure we continue to live our values of care, integrity, respect, accountability and commitment, and make sure our products and support services continue to demonstrate these values,” he adds.

And Damhuis knows all about the need for excellent customer support and service. “As a user of RIB CCS products when I was at Murray & Roberts, I knew I could pick up the phone any time of the day or night or on weekends and an industry specialist would be on hand to assist me.

Damhuis believes he was not only asked to fulfill the role of Vice President as part of the business’ need to maintain continuity, but also because the leadership team has faith in his ability to help it through its current transitional phase.

His deep industry knowledge is the result of more than two decades in the construction industry. “At Murray & Roberts, my job was not just about estimating or finances or project controls, it was about how it all came together for multiple projects. Notably, it was crucial to have access to the right information at the right time to make key decisions on the various projects.

“The importance of information is intrinsic to our toolset at RIB CCS and the software and services we offer. While digitisation and BIM may be buzzwords in some forums, to us they are indispensable to the future success of the construction industry. We make it our business to determine how to embrace these new ways of working and initiatives to develop our software that provides construction teams with the toolsets and information they require to make their tasks significantly more efficient,” adds Damhuis.

He says his passion for the industry relates to the construction industry being a source of progress. “Well considered and executed projects – such as roads, hospitals, schools, stadiums and many more – are social and economic enablers globally.

“During my time in construction, I was always in awe of how a project metamorphosized – starting from nothing, quickly becoming a hive of activity with materials, people and equipment; and then transforming into a building or piece of infrastructure that was destined to become an integral part of meeting our society’s needs.”

Damhuis’ first priority at RIB CCS will be to ensure its people are enabled to do what they are passionate about and are presented with opportunities for growth. “My other big responsibility is to assure our current and future customers that their use of our products is secure. After all, many of our customers have decades-long relationships with us.

“Thirdly, I will oversee broader changes in the business; help grow our existing customer base; explore new opportunities and products; and work with my colleagues across our global footprint to achieve their growth aspirations,” he explains.

Looking ahead, Damhuis says the business is excellently positioned to continue providing RIB CCS customers and the industry with fit for purpose solutions that make a difference to their operations. “In addition, the focus will be on opening up new business streams for our own business, which will in turn, meet the highly specific needs of our customers.”