Tuesday, June 25, 2024
R15 million Ga-Mopedi water project completed

The Ga-Mopedi Bulk Water Project, valued at R15million, has recently been completed in the Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality.


A total of 1200 households or population of just over 7000 people are already benefiting from the project. Due to the socio-economic development and population growth in the area, the existing infrastructure was unable to meet the water demands of the community.


In order to address the inevitable water challenges, in May 2020, work commenced to refurbish the two existing boreholes in Ga-Mopedi.


An additional borehole was also drilled to augment water provision. Furthermore, a steel tank with the capacity to hold 150 kilolitres of water has been constructed and set up.


A 3.5 kilometres water reticulation pipeline has been installed making it possible to put up 15 communal water standpipes.


All the infrastructure has been fenced with a 2.4metres high fence for security purposes and the Department of Water and Sanitation calls upon the community of Ga-Mopedi to take ownership of the water infrastructure and not vandalize it.


The community is also urged to use water sparingly because Ga-Mopedi is a semi-arid area, so is the entire Northern Cape province and we need to do more to ensure that every drop of the groundwater resources we have is used wisely.