Tuesday, June 25, 2024
PPC launches brick-making workshops

PPC launches brick-making workshops in Gauteng townships

PPC is running brick-making workshops in various townships across Gauteng with the aim of improving the skills of local brick-makers, enabling them to not only understand the science of accurate mixing of all the necessary materials to produce quality bricks, but also to run their brick-making business efficiently and profitably.


Workshops are being run from Katlehong in Ekurhuleni and Soweto in Johannesburg to Mamelodi in Pretoria, where there is a high concentration of brick-makers.

“To live up to our brand ethos of ‘Strength beyond’, we aim to go beyond business as usual. That means not just selling product but also providing our customers with practical help that will improve their businesses,” says Njombo Lekula, MD of PPC South Africa. “The key purpose of these workshops is to impart knowledge and expertise to these business people and to ensure that they get the best value out of our product and, in turn they can produce the best 100% Msanzi quality bricks and blocks for their customers.

“It’s all about strengthening the township economy and ensuring that we can serve the local community better. Better quality bricks, better houses and, ultimately, a more stable community.”

The workshops are led by PPC technical specialists who pass on the technical know-how to brick-makers, followed by the PPC sales team who then take over to offer individual brick-makers support in growing and managing their businesses effectively with ongoing mentoring to complement the technical expertise transferred at the workshop.